Mission Statement

Our organisation is in the business of changing lives for people who are being deprived of specialist services due to them being ex-offenders.

We engage our clients by starting where they are at, we walk with them through their new journey and support them to get to where they want to be.

We know there might be all sorts of things stopping many of them from getting where they want to be. For example, many are affected with issues of mental health, domestic violence, employment, housing, drugs & alcohol abuse, relationships, immigration and much more. Most of our clients have been involved in one thing that went wrong in their lives, and that one thing has caused them problems in many other areas, which has impacted their immigration, welfare benefits and/or their general wellbeing and social support. That’s why we at The Breaking of Dawn look at every aspect of the people we serve and work with them to try and reduce if not remove all of those barriers on the journey to transforming their life for the better.