Our Services

  • We work with male and female ex-offenders from the age group 19 – 35
  • Give emotional support, show them love, help them with confidence building, give them reassurance and to those who are willing, assist them to reform to prevent them from reoffending.
  • The Breaking of Dawn aims to offer a culturally sensitive service to reunite the ex-offenders with families and children.
  • Work with the ex-offender and their families on issues of how to promote good family relationships.
  • Identify other organisations who are offering similar services to adult offenders and to learn from them. Offer emotional support for families affected by loved ones being in prison
  • Advise on one on one, and group support on immigration issues, education, employment and finance. Working with Probation officers, Police, Social Workers, Counsellors, Mental health Professions and Domestic Violence issues.
  • Assist ex-offenders with reintegrating into family and community life
  • We offer hospitality and safe space for all.
  • Lobbying local government with the aim to change policies that impact negatively on migrant offenders.